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 +====== Episode 2019-13 - Band Plans ======
 +Hello and welcome to the next edition of the Mike Wills Podcast! This is the Dog Days of Podcasting edition for {insert date here}. I am WX0MIK and my name is Mike Wills. This season, we are covering amateur (or ham) radio.
 +===== Notes =====
 +  * In Chapter 6 we start talking about how to communicate with hams.
 +  * Section 6.1 talks about Band Plans
 +  * A band plan is a voluntary agreement designed for normal conditions
 +  * These are not regulations
 +  * ARRL has the [[http://​​band-plan|band plans in a table format]].
 +  * HF is simpler because they don't have repeaters and the book lists some examples of items in band plans: Beacons, Weak Signal, Satellite Uplinks and Downlinks, Simplex, Repeater Inputs and Outputs, and Control Links. Further clarification of each item are within the book. 
 +  * Why is a band plan needed?
 +    * It gives everyone guidelines on what you can do within the band (and what to expect in that area too).
 +    * The FCC requires it as "good practice"​
 +===== Wrap Up =====
 +Thank you for listening. 73 from WX0MIK.
 +===== Contact Information =====
 +  * Twitter: https://​​mikewills
 +  * Facebook: https://​​mikewills
 +  * Email: <​[email protected]>​
 +  * Website: https://​
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