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 +====== Episode 2019-12 - Power Supplies and Batteries ======
 +Hello and welcome to the next edition of the Mike Wills Podcast! This is the Dog Days of Podcasting edition for {insert date here}. I am WX0MIK and my name is Mike Wills. This season, we are covering amateur (or ham) radio.
 +===== Notes =====
 +  * Section 5.4 talks the most important part of running radios... power!
 +  * Most radios require 12v power
 +  * 12v power is actually a lie and it's really 13.8 v usually
 +  * Two main sources of power: power supply or a battery
 +  * Power Supply
 +    * Power supplies convert the power from 120 v to 13.8 v.
 +    * Regulated power supplies will help minimize voltage changes
 +    * Make sure when you buy one, that it can handle your power needs with a radio running at full power.
 +  * Mobile Power Wiring
 +    * When hooking up your radio, it's best to pull power right from the battery and fuse both wires to minimize fire risks.
 +    * Sometimes you'll hear a high-pitched whine. That is your alternator. The tech manual does not go through how to solve this issue.
 +  * Batteries
 +    * The book talks about some of the types of batteries
 +    * For emergency power, deep-cycle or marine batteries are most often used as they can hold a lot of power but are designed to be drawn down more often than your standard car battery.
 +  * Not covered in here is solar power which is also used in conjunction with a battery for power.
 +  * I know I talked about having you listen to a net, but I'll hold off until Friday when we talk about Nets then you can here what FM sounds like at that time as well. 
 +===== Wrap Up =====
 +Thank you for listening. 73 from WX0MIK.
 +===== Contact Information =====
 +  * Twitter: https://​twitter.com/​mikewills
 +  * Facebook: https://​www.facebook.com/​mikewills
 +  * Email: <​[email protected]>​
 +  * Website: https://​mikewills.me
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