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Episode 2019-12 - Power Supplies and Batteries

Hello and welcome to the next edition of the Mike Wills Podcast! This is the Dog Days of Podcasting edition for {insert date here}. I am WX0MIK and my name is Mike Wills. This season, we are covering amateur (or ham) radio.


  • Section 5.4 talks the most important part of running radios… power!
  • Most radios require 12v power
  • 12v power is actually a lie and it's really 13.8 v usually
  • Two main sources of power: power supply or a battery
  • Power Supply
    • Power supplies convert the power from 120 v to 13.8 v.
    • Regulated power supplies will help minimize voltage changes
    • Make sure when you buy one, that it can handle your power needs with a radio running at full power.
  • Mobile Power Wiring
    • When hooking up your radio, it's best to pull power right from the battery and fuse both wires to minimize fire risks.
    • Sometimes you'll hear a high-pitched whine. That is your alternator. The tech manual does not go through how to solve this issue.
  • Batteries
    • The book talks about some of the types of batteries
    • For emergency power, deep-cycle or marine batteries are most often used as they can hold a lot of power but are designed to be drawn down more often than your standard car battery.
  • Not covered in here is solar power which is also used in conjunction with a battery for power.
  • I know I talked about having you listen to a net, but I'll hold off until Friday when we talk about Nets then you can here what FM sounds like at that time as well.

Wrap Up

Thank you for listening. 73 from WX0MIK.

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