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 +====== Episode 2018-28 - Tornadoes Part 2 ======
 +Hello and welcome to the next edition of the Mike Wills Podcast! This is the Dog Days of Podcasting edition for August 28, 2018 where I am taking you through some of the basics of weather, storms, and radar.
 +{Local weather update}
 +===== Notes =====
 +  * Tornado Types
 +    * Multi-vortex - This is two or more circulations rotating around each other or shares a common center
 +    * Rope - Usually a weakening tornado
 +    * Non-Supercell Landspout - These do not arise from a storm-scale rotation. These are typically seen below cumulus clouds with no more than a dust whirl. These can still be dangerous.
 +    * Waterspout - These are tornadoes that develop over the water.
 +      * There are two types of waterspouts: ​
 +        * Type A is formed from a supercell with the same destructive force as a land tornado.
 +        * Type B is similar to a landspout. They develop under the rapidly building line of cumulus clouds. These can still reach speeds of 34 knots (or about 40 mph). These should be avoided by boats as they can still be dangerous.
 +    * Dust Devils (aka whirlwind) are small, rapidly rotating wind that is made visible by the dust, dirt, or debris. It develops best on clear, dry, and hot afternoons. ​
 +  * Tornado Shapes
 +    * Pencil Shaped - Thin and straight
 +    * Cone Shaped - "​normal shaped"​
 +    * Wedge - Wider than the distance to the ground
 +    * Scorpion Tail
 +    * Bowl shaped - has a well-developed debris cloud
 +  * Look-a-likes
 +    * There are many things that may look like a tornado but are not. They could be clouds or manmade objects like a grain elevator. Some of the most common are scud clouds, rain shafts, gustnadoes, tail clouds, smoke, communication towers, grain elevators, and dust devils.
 +    * Only report what you see, not what you think you see. If you aren't sure that it's a tornado, don't report it until you are sure.  ​
 +===== Link/​Picture of the Show =====
 +===== Wrap Up =====
 +Thank you for listening and remember to always watch the clouds and be weather aware.
 +===== Contact Information =====
 +  * Weather-focused Twitter: https://​​mikewillsweathr
 +  * Twitter: https://​​mikewills
 +  * Facebook: https://​​mikewills
 +  * Email: <​[email protected]>​
 +  * Website: https://​
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